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he-yo-bo is a snappy word meaning help your body. You can address pain or tightness and help your body feel better with a therapeutic and effective Neural Reset Therapy® session, and by learning good health practices from a knowledgeable and fun certified health coach! My name is Kelly Robb, and in Highland Utah and surrounding areas, I am the only (master certified) NRT practitioner and health coach soon to be offering on-site health classes and personalized NRT sessions. If you are interested in an NRT session or health class for your group, please contact me by emailing heyobo1@gmail.com.  Learn more about NRT here.

Please note: Heidi Jeppesen with Ascension Wellness is the new massage therapist working in the location where I was practicing before (inside the Mont Blanc dentistry suite in Highland). Heidi is a very qualified massage therapist that I often use myself. To schedule a massage with Heidi, go to ascensionwellness.fullslate.com  where you can quickly and easily book your session online.

 While I worked in the Highland clinic as a licensed massage therapist, I addressed many clients' pain by doing NRT and other types of therapeutic bodywork. Often there is also an underlying problem of inflammation that should be addressed by improved health practices such as better nutrition. Pain, aching and soreness are usually the result of inflammation somewhere in the body, and without changes, the pain may continue to get worse. Quite often a client seeks help for "trauma" to the tissue and ignores the underlying issue of toxicity. I got my certification as a health coach from the Dr Sears Wellness Institute so I would be able to help coach my clients as I worked on them. I wanted to help them understand that they'd have a better chance of resolving their problem for good if they would also practice the LEAN program -- lifestyle, exercise, attitude, and nutrition. For more information on LEAN and other pro health tips, visit my health coaching website, www.bewellandjoyful.com.  


Combine therapeutic bodywork with enlightening health classes and you are sure to help your body come to a new level of health and vitality!

YOU are the one that can help your body heal itself and live a vibrantly healthy life!

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